Blood Will Tell – Take a Chance, Have Faith – Isn’t that what Breeding is About?

This phrase has been said so many times and yet so many breeders ignore it.  When I owned Bellisimo BCR by Marquis I, several well thought of experts told me to geld him because they felt his face was not typey enough for him to remain a stallion.  I didn’t listen.  His body was impeccable and he was bred to a mare with a gorgeous face with more dish then Belissimo had.  Still Belissimo has everything else, body, movement, little ears, big black eyes and a super neck.  He had great tail carriage and perfect legs.  At 5 years old he coliced and died and so we only got one filly by him.  I wished I had started breeding him at 3 and that we had 10 foals just like the one we bred.  We knew his pedigree had alot of petty with Ruminaja Bajhat, Prima Bella KA, and many more – so we had a hunch the blood would produce, it it sure did… Alia Monet BCR is probably the prettiest mare we have on the farm.

I saw a stallion named Sahib EHAB recently.  His pedigree is phenomenal and yet no one was willing to buy him – even at a low price.  I thought of buying him myself but with 4 stallions – 1 more is waaaay more than I could add.  He himself has some phenotype issues.  He has a bit of white in the eye, a bit of a funky croup, etc…  But yet – I had a strong hunch about this horse – that he would also produce.  Today his first filly was born.  She is AMAZING!!  I’m so happy for Sherry his owner because she didn’t sell Sahib and now she owns an wonderful stallion who we now know can produce.  I’d rather have a stallion with flaws who won’t win in the show ring, than a world champion who can’t produce good foals any day.

Today a mare came to my farm who is a daughter of my stallion.  She had the body I love, great legs, neck, tail carriage, etc..  When I first saw her I liked her but I was thinking I’d like to see more type in her face.  In the last 2 years she has matured beautifully and I find that I really like her alot.  I love both her sire and her dam… I have another hunch!  This one’s going to produce – wait and see…  If you like the sire and the dam, chances are you will like their grand get.

I also have another mare at the farm – by Majestic Noble SMF – she has her little issues here and there too – but I have a strong hunch she will produce the best and she is now in foal to Nebras Al Rayyan who has been producing fantastic foals – all the owners are thrilled with their foals by Nebras.

Next year will be so interesting we will see how  good my hunches were…

Happy breeding, and don’t forget that blood will tell, and breeding involves science, faith and following your “educated hunches”.  Don’t be afraid to push the envelope…