12418056_10154081012563896_8293872308917981918_nI have been blessed to have had many mentors in the horse world.  Every one have given me advice over the years that has helped me to understand the importance of good conformation, the historical ideal crosses, unexpected breeding surprises based on phenotype and genotype, the contribution of certain strains, and how to combine these for my own ideals.

I would like to thank all the wonderful people who have made the dream of Bear Creek Ranch a reality.  Pictured left are Mohamed Amin of Al Amin Stud in Cairo, Anne Louise Toner of Al Atiq Arabians, Myself (sitting), Jamie Zissis (back) of Rosehaven Ranch Arabians, Judi Forbis of Ansata Stud (Right) and Liz Salmon to her right.


All things are possible with great friends, commitment and passion 




Below are great friends Lisa Lambert of Windridge Arabians, Marilyn Lang of Fantasia Arabians, Liz Salmon – International Equine Consultant, Anne Louise Toner of Al Atiq Arabians and Danny Tucker of Gold Coin Arabians.