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Carol and Reilly Maginn

As a little girl, my mother dreamed of one day owning a horse and so when my parents married and my father asked my mother what type of a house she would like – her answer was simple – “One with a Horse”.  My parents found a farm near the Jersey Shore and my earliest memories were of clearing land, burning tress, building fence, planting trees, building barns and riding horses – anywhere and everywhere.  My mother wanted to learn everything and anything about horses and eventually became a 4-H leader for our local club.  Every year we would go to Madison Square Garden and watch the International Jumping show.  We would show at all the local 4-H, Open All Breed Shows and State Level shows.  Growing up I learned that Arabians could do anything and back in the day we would show our horses in 10 or more classes in one day!  Our shows offered everything from Mare and Foal, to Showmanship and Grooming, to Western Reining, you name it – we would show in it.  That was where I learned that you could do anything – on an Arabian.

When I was 30, I shared with my husband that I felt something was missing in my life and told him I wanted to go buy an Arabian, but I didn’t know what the industry was like now, and if Texas had many Arabians.  One day I stumbled across a barn where we lived near Dripping Springs, Texas and in the barn I found over 60 Arabians!  A man came walking towards me asking if he could help me.  His name was Bob Battaglia.  I told him my situation and he was kind enough to take the time to educate me about Arabians in Texas and what the current status of the industry was.  His partner Russ Vento encouraged and actually found my first Arabian for me as an adult.  She was actually a half arabian Pro Fire daughter who Russ had judged in halter as well as performance.  I few up to Michigan to see her and bought her.  That moment changed the course of my life forever, and for that I will always be grateful to Russ Vento and Bob Battaglia.

Reilly Maginn with foundation mare Prima Bella KA

From there I kept searching for my ideal Arabian horse – one who could perform against all comers, while at the same time being extremely beautiful to look at.  My quest brought me to the straight Egyptian Arabian Horse.  It is the straight Egyptian horse that influences our breeding program although we have both straight Egyptian and purebred horses.  Without the straight Egyptian horse – some of the greatest horses of our breed wouldn’t exist.

And so today, we continue to learn and grow and guide others down the path we began many years also in hope that more horse enthusiasts will dream to become breeders and pass the torch on to the next generation.

I’d like to thank my husband, my parents, our vets, and all of our friends and clients who have turned our passion into a life long joyous and incredible journey.  And most of all – I’d like to thank God for blessing us with more than we could have ever imagined.

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  • The Arabian horse and in particular, the Straight Egyptian Arabian horse are are blessed to have you and Reilly as ambassadors and breeders of this unique and beautiful breed. Thank you for your encouragement, friendship and most of all, your passion and dedication to this breed.

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