Collecting Stallions is Much Like Goldie Locks and the 3 Bears

Yesterday we were reminded of the important of making sure everything is “just right” when collecting stallions.  The second important lesson is about keeping good collection records to refer to prior collections and spot trends easily.  While some stallions are very easy to please, others require all variables to be exactly as they desire.  We worked to collect the stallion only to find he wouldn’t ejaculate once in the AV.  We were  puzzled as to what exactly went wrong.  Finally after moving the mare to a closer location to the phantom, using a halter without a chain and raising the temperature of the artificial vagina, and filling the AV with more water – we got our collection as planned.  Stallions are picky so – be aware of this and write down all the little details.  In the end you will save time.  goldilocks