Turning Lemons into Lemonade – the Story of Infinity Egyptian Stud

Courage. Tonight I’m going to blog about the courage of a breeder to stand apart from the rest and be unwilling to accept poor behavior and poor ethics by others. My dear friend and fellow breeder Kristy Caswell is the owner of Infinity Egyptian Stud in Jarrettsville, MD. Infinity Egyptian Stud is what I would call a model of everything that a good breeder does to help not only themselves to proposer, but also helps others in the process.

Kristy is the kind of breeder who is relentless about turning lemons into lemonade. In her personal life she has been given the short end of the stick in many ways. Her partner in life – who she would have expected to spend her future with – decided to pursue another path. Although she was upset for some time, she didn’t let it stop her. Instead, she focused on her business and her breeding program and her friends and now finds that all three aspects of her life flourishing.

Each time someone has tried to take away from her for their own benefit – Kristy has focused on what is “right” about that situation, embraced the change that was needed to be made and come out on top.

The lesson is that life is not about complaining when we are dealt an unexpected blow and then just accepting it and harboring anger because you feel there are no other options.  Often great things come from embracing life and disappointments it for what they are and moving forward as a stronger, wiser person.