2013 Bear Creek Ranch Open House – May 4th


Monique Price and Family with Carol

On May 4th, we hosted our first Open House at the new farm.  Visitors from across the globe came gathered for a wonderful day of camaraderie, education, and celebration of the Arabian Horse.  It was like “old home” week – seeing friends we had not seen in several years.  The big surprise was that well known trainer breeder Eileen Verdick from Dubai was in attendance!  We were all so thrilled to see Eileen again who was back in the US to help to revitalize our breed.  We were also so thrilled to meet new friends April Lawrence and Beate Spear from Ohio and Atlanta respectively.

The day began with brisket and fixens from the famous Chisholm Trail BBQ featured numerous times on the Travel Channel.  Then we kicked off the day with a choreographed musical presentation of the Bear Creek Ranch Stallions, Mares, Client Horses and foals.  We also were so thrilled to have International Equine Consultant Liz Salmon there to teach us about arabian horse conformation.  Everyone (myself included) found that they learned a great deal at the clinic.  Following Liz’s clinic, Allison Peacock of White Horse Medicine presented an interactive seminar to help us to better understand ourselves and our relationships.

The day ended with a trip to Cedar Hall to watch the Kentucky Derby.  It was such a fun day – we hated for it to end.  We are already excited about plans for next year!

Thank you so much Diana Cantey and Augusta Hammock for the many beautiful photos taken at our Open House shown here:

Bear Creek Ranch Open House Photos